Kelly Payne - Mom's sexy red high heels

Kelly Payne – Mom’s sexy red high heels

Mommy Kelly is looking HOT! Wearing super sexy black lingerie, bra and panty set with sexy red heels. She is posing for the camera (POV camera viewpoint to start) bending over, forwards, and trying to get some sexy photos for a new dating app she wanted to try. You startle her when you come home early and catch her bent over in her lingerie. Your moms smoking hot, and enticed you ask her what she’s up to. She’s embarrassed and covers up admitting to not getting laid in awhile and was hoping these sexy photos would help since Valentines Day is coming up. Your surprised, tell your mom she could have anyone, even your friends are interested in fucking her. You notice her heels, complimenting mommy and seducing her. She’s embarrassed and tells you No, but you can tell she’s enticed so you continue to push and start to take out your cock. Deciding it’d maybe be okay to watch you play with your cock while mommy masturbates you both starts getting extremely aroused. You continue to push, how far will mommy let you go? Encouraging her to remove her bra, then her panties… using them around your cock to jerk off. Finally pulling mom in close spreading her legs and fucking her. Mommy doesn’t resist much, and orgasms all over your cock in different positions. Mommy starts begging for you to cum all over her pussy, but it feels so good having mommy’s wet pussy coming around your cock you explode inside of her. Opps… mom’s ovulating… that’s why she been so horny, hopefully you didn’t get mommy pregnant.


Kelly Payne - Mom's sexy red high heels

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