Kelly Payne - Mommy Squirts POV VS Mommy Role Play

Kelly Payne – Mommy Squirts POV VS Mommy Role Play

You think your being sneaky with having your door closed with your girlfriend over, except your both to loud. Your mom comes down the hall to ask you something and then becomes curious at the sounds she’s hearing which than escalates into load moaning. Mommy Kelly isn’t quite sure how to react, go into your room, walk away? She stays and listens… becoming aroused by the sounds coming from your room. She lifts her dress and makes herself orgasm, squirting and spraying her cum all over the floor. She pauses in ecstasy and then realizes what she just did. Runs for a towel and tries to clean her cum off the floor but pausing again enticed by the sounds of her son fucking his girlfriend making herself squirt again, interrupted by the sounds of you stopping she quickly runs away. After your girlfriend goes home, you confront your mom and what you heard and the wet drips in front of your bedroom door. Mommy denies it at first and then gives in and admits it made her horny. Aroused by the idea of your mom making herself orgasm and leave a mess in front of your door you come on to her, she doesn’t resist much still aroused by what she heard. She pulls off her dress and tells you to take out your cock and stroke it for her, showing mommy how hid girlfriend plays with his cock and then showing you how mommy would do it. Then pulling away to show you how wet her pussy is and her squirting orgasms. Mommy wants to cover your face in her squirt and she stands over you and squirts covering your face in her cum. Mommy then rides your hard cock for awhile before letting you get on top of her and fuck her hard deep and fast (POV VS Dildo) until you explode inside of her filling her pussy full of your cum.


Kelly Payne - Mommy Squirts POV VS Mommy Role Play

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