Kelly Payne - Manipulative Son Tricks Mom

Kelly Payne – Manipulative Son Tricks Mom

You call your mom and ask if she’ll help with your last-minute school photography project. When she shows up you hand her one outfit at a time… Lingerie… Mom is taken back, and asks why you’d want her to help you with a project like this. Wont people find it odd if you take photos of your own mother in such risqué clothing. You ask her nicely, plead with her, you really need her help… the lingerie continues to get more and more risqué… and your mom hesitates but does as you ask. After the last outfit, she asks where her clothes are… as you’ve hidden them… and tell her you’ll look and offer her a glass of wine. With well… an incredibly special ingredient. Something to make your mom feel really really good, and a lot less hesitant. After she naps for a minute you pull her clothes, rub her feet, legs and eventually pull her into you and start fucking her. She can’t resist and the pleasure is overwhelming… she moans out in pleasure. After you cum inside her, she struggles to comprehend exactly what’s happening and lays back down for another nap…


Kelly Payne - Manipulative Son Tricks Mom

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