Kelly Payne - Best Friends Mom is a MILF3 Pool Party

Kelly Payne – Best Friends Mom is a MILF3 Pool Party

It’s the weekend of the pool party and you can’t help yourself but stare and admire your best friend’s mom in her sexy bathing suit, riding up her ass, her tits out nearly in your face. You notice she steps inside so you follow her. Trying to entice her to mess around, she denies you. Her husband and son, your best friend, could walk in any minute. She teases you a little, showing off her breasts and, making herself squirt accidentally all over the floor, and you push for her to sneak away and meet you in the bathroom… no one will know. She says no and laughs it off, but to your surprise she does meet you in the bathroom. You go down on her, and then step into the shower so she can enjoy your cock, she then sucks you and fucks you until you cum in her mouth. Nervous she quickly puts her bathing suit back on and grabs some spray to get rid of the sex smell, before sneaking back to her own party.

Kelly Payne - Best Friends Mom is a MILF3 Pool Party

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