Julie Snow - Mommy's Covid Cure CEI

Julie Snow – Mommy’s Covid Cure CEI

Mommy is so relieved that you only had a mild case of Covid. She was reading online that scientists found Covid antibodies in Semen, isn’t that amazing! There is a group of doctors that have written about Semen Consumption to prevent Covid by giving antibodies back into the body. Since it has been proven that you can get reinfected with Covid, the doctors recommend that you eat your semen once a week and anyone in your household that tested negative should also consume your semen to give them antibodies. Since I have never had Covid, we need to set aside time to get you to ejaculate and then immediately eat the cum. Have you ever masturbated before? No? Okay, do not worry, Mommy will help teach you and even put her hands on you to help get the semen out. This will be so helpful in keeping us healthy.


Julie Snow - Mommy's Covid Cure CEI

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