Jessica Starling - Custom: Slave Mommy POV Virtual Sex

Jessica Starling – Custom: Slave Mommy POV Virtual Sex

“Mommy and son were taken sold into slavery, the video takes place right after they were auctioned together, they’ve told her what they expect from them, and she has accepted the situation. They first want an initiation/consummation where Mommy introduces him to their new life, he is young and doesn’t know any of the this stuff. You have to be dominant to him (in a gentle, loving way) and submissive to your owners at the same time. But your son is compliant and will do whatever you say. You’re naked but have on the harness from your Jill Valentine/Rough Bondage video video. At the beginning you are sitting up on the edge of your seat and you announce to the room in a soft voice something like “Thank you for purchasing my boy with me. In accordance with your wishes and for your entertainment and pleasure, I will tame and prepare him. Bring my baby boy to me”. They bring him to kneel right in front of you, he is all bound up. Put your collar on him and have it tethered to your harness by a leash. Talk to him now in a loving way, explain both of your situations and say that while he may be used by other women, stress that he is yours and you need him with you (and tethered) at all times when that’s not happening. Stress that your shows together need to be really erotic so they will keep you together. Make sure your legs are spread wide and tell him to kiss your pussy, that he belongs to it and that he will always be safe right here between your legs. Play with it a little as he keeps licking you. Transition to laying on your side, the collar is still tethered to your harness and reach your arm up to hold him. And then talk to the room in a soft voice and tell them how special this is being his first time. Since he is bound and doesn’t really know anything anyway tell him that you are going to put him inside you and rock him a bit. The sex talk is kind, loving, and nurturing. Add in something quietly about how you can’t stand to think of what the other women may do to him, but you’ll be there to take care of him and to remember that he is yours. And whatever they do to you, he will be there with you and that you need him to get through this.”


Jessica Starling - Custom: Slave Mommy POV Virtual Sex

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