Jackie Synn - Reluctantly Sucking Son Blackmail

Jackie Synn – Reluctantly Sucking Son Blackmail

Jackie is lost in pleasure while she masturbates her pussy, having phone sex with her lover. You, her son walk in and hear everything she says, admitting that she’s been cheating on your father for years. You watch and let your cock get hard as you watch your mother make herself cum. After her orgasm she notices you’re standing there. She is completely in embarrassed and begs you not to tell your father, if he knew she was unfaithful he would throw her out into the street and she would have nothing. You see this as an opportunity, you tell your mother if she’ll show you her ass that you won’t tell dad. She says no at first, but you remind her that she will have nothing if you tell dad. Mum finally gives in and lets you jerk off while looking at her ass, but she insists this can’t go further. You tell her to turn around, you insist that she sucks your dick! Mum says absolutely not, that would be taking things too far. You don’t care though, you grab your slutty mother by the back of her head and shove her down on your dick. Watching your mother choke on your cock gets you harder than ever, she begged you to stop, but you remind her if she doesn’t do as she’s told daddy will find out. Soon your mother is slobbering all over your Dick, sucking your cock like a champ but begging you not to come down her throat. Suddenly daddy comes home unexpectedly, thankfully you’ve locked the door. With dad right outside the door, you fuck mum’s throat against her will, dumping your load right down her. Mum is shocked that you made her swallow your cum, but she does admit it does taste good!


Jackie Synn - Reluctantly Sucking Son Blackmail

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