Kitty LeRoux - Busted: Mommy Taboo

Kitty LeRoux – Busted: Mommy Taboo

You and mommy made an agreement to fuck each other exclusively, but you were a bad boy and while mommy was cleaning up your room she found a bra WAY too small to be hers. She’s definitely upset, but finds light in how small the bra is. Is this a bra for ants?? She has a plan. When you come home, she’s dolled up to the nines and as she fingers her audibly wet pussy, she asks you a few questions. You don’t want to confess to seeing anyone, but when mommy pulls off her robe, you discover a familiar, small bra on her MASSIVE tits. Mommy is going to show this girl not to fuck with her…and your punishment? You have to hold the phone while mommy makes you bust over and over again with her gigantic tits…all while making a video to send to this ‘little tittied freak’ showing her ‘how a REAL woman pleases a man’. Mommy’s massive tits and all the cum from 2 of your orgasms is too much for the bra and it completely breaks during your THIRD orgasm. Mommy was right, no one will ever compare to her.


Kitty LeRoux - Busted: Mommy Taboo

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