Ivy Starshyne - Skipping School Shrunken Justice

Ivy Starshyne – Skipping School Shrunken Justice

Your mom has received a call about your behavior. Rude to teachers. Disobedient. Disrespectful. She’s furious with you. Sexy as she is, those boots are scary and you know the drill – lick the boots, dear. That’s it. But when she reveals she also used a shrinking potion on you, you’re shocked! As you get smaller, those boots… get bigger… And she decides to use you as a boot cleaner now. Tells you that ALL the women in your life will receive this shrinking potion, too. So you’ll NEVER be disrespecting them ever again. She’s using your head and legs to scrape pebbles and branches from her boots… and oh… ouch… it hurts. Your leg breaks! GAH! She’s worried at first… then says it can be fixed, as she goes back to using your HEAD to clean. This is JUSTICE.


Ivy Starshyne - Skipping School Shrunken Justice

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