Ivy Starshyne - Mommy Model

Ivy Starshyne – Mommy Model

You and your girlfriend just got back from your first family dinner – it’s the first time she’s ever met them. She was very quiet on the ride back home. When you get comfortable, she approaches you… It’s a real shocker to her… She looks EXACTLY like your Mother. She wants to know what the deal is, but slowly pieces things together. You got her the dress she’s wearing recently and asked that she wore it to dinner. When you arrived, she was approached by Mom and she mentioned it looked a lot like her own dress, hmm. And recently you talked your girlfriend into dying her hair blonde… just like Mom. You’ve been found out, and… are shocked to see she doesn’t mind. She thinks it could be fun, and she likes you enough to give it a try. As you’re really getting into some hot sex with her, she insists you call her Mom… but at some point, she starts to make you question all of this. “What if… what if your Mom and I switched when we were alone? Would you be able to tell? Hm?” Wink.


Ivy Starshyne - Mommy Model

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