HFGMultimedia - Whitney Morgan - Rewarded By Mommy for Gaining

HFGMultimedia – Whitney Morgan – Rewarded By Mommy for Gaining

Your Mommy Whitney Morgan can’t believe how big you’ve gotten while away at college. You’ve really porked up! Mommy is lounging around in her bra and panties when you get home and you can’t help but stare at her hot body. Whitney comments on how fat you’ve grown and she loves it. She is so proud of her step-son for growing such a nice fat belly. Mommy Whitney tells you she wants to cook for you. She always loves cooking for your step-father, he was a fat man too and you are starting to look just like him. Since Daddy hasn’t been giving her enough attention and you’re looking so deliciously fat she asks if you will keep her satisfied. She knows that college girls don’t give fat boys the attention they deserve, but Mommy will. Mommy Whitney loves making fat boys feel good. She begins to strip down as she tells you that she is going to take very good care of her sexy fat step-son. She sees you getting hard for her through your pants and reaches down to rub your stiff cock. Mommy wants to satisfy you the way you deserve, and Mommy knows you can please her the way she needs to be pleased. Promise to keep this your little secret?


HFGMultimedia - Whitney Morgan - Rewarded By Mommy for Gaining

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