Diane Andrews - Mommy's Sex Ed

Diane Andrews – Mommy’s Sex Ed

This was a custom order – no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.
“Background: All of your son’s neighborhood friends, like to come over to your house because they love watching you clean. You always dress sexy, low, low cut tops, either very low cut bras, i.e. demi-bras, or no bra, and very short skirts, nylons and garters are a plus, love the smoky/black very sheer nylons…. You make sure to bend over in front of the boys so they can see down your top, gently swaying/jiggling your tits for them to enjoy. When you clean shelves you have your back to them so they can see your skirt ride up, or cleaning the ceiling fan, stretching in front of them, facing them so they can see the front of your sheer panties. All, very slow and erotic, mommy enjoys being admired by these boys.
Mommy is extra horny today, daddy left yesterday on a business trip and mommy didn’t get her quota of morning sex.
Mommy makes comments to them such as: are you enjoying the view, do you like what you see, does that make it better (pulling blouse open a bit more and pulling up front of skirt so they get a clear view of your panties)
Mommy becomes more and more blatant about exposing her body to them as she’s cleaning. As she gets turned on, she asks them if they know what fucking is. Of course they all turn red, especially your son, hearing you say such words. Mommy presses the issue, then asking them if they want to know what fucking is.
Mommy decides to show them, swearing them all to secrecy. She leads them al into her bedroom where she undresses, slowly, talking about her tits, what happens when she gets pregnant, her pussy and how it is gonna be used during sex. You have them take off their cloths also, after all, it’s not fair for them to see mommy naked but she can’t see them.
After mommy tells them all about tits, function and erotica, and her pussy, in detail. She takes out a small lifelike cock, hopefully you have one, to demonstrate how a mommy makes love to a cock. Talk about blowjobs, demonstrating, and one of my favorites, titty fucking, then, after she gets the cock all nice and hard, she demonstrates how a mommy gets pregnant by a daddy, slowly rubbing it up and down her pussy, actually showing them, then how it goes into a mommy’s pussy, goes in and out, slowly, then when daddy shoots his white, sticky, cum into mommy’s pussy, she can get pregnant.
Explain to all them that that is how they were made, their mommy’s took their daddy’s cocks, made them hard just like I showed you then she fucks him.
After answering all their questions mommy sends them home then takes her son back into the bedroom to let him practice on you how to make babies. Remember that I like dialog, the more the better, especially the very graphic uses of tits, pussy, fucking, and blowjobs.
While in bed with your son, you talk again about all the things you covered with them, and how you really like showing off for his friends. Then mommy has her son get on top of her and fuck her.
Please, no loud screaming, “here I cum, etc? I like soft quiet talking and gentle body shaking, it’s obvious that mommy has an orgasm.
Cooling down, mommy asks him how he enjoyed fucking her and if he would like to see her fuck each one of his friends while he watches, yes, I am a devout voyeur.”


Diane Andrews - Mommy's Sex Ed

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