Goddess Stella Sol - Goodnight Mommy

Goddess Stella Sol – Goodnight Mommy

Mommy Stella’s going to tuck you into bed but first I want to get you nice and relaxed. You’ve been a bad boy rubbing your dick without permission and it’s time you learned what your expectations are, which is to obey your Mommy. No other Woman knows you like I do and no one turns you on as much either. As you get ready for your night of slumber I rub you nice and good while explaining the ways of life as My bb. You love when Mommy takes off Her bra so you can stare and imagine feeding off those big round boobies. Mommy’s nipples are so mesmerizing and make you feel dizzy, don’t they?! You also love how good it feels when you’re dick gets touched by the Woman of your wet dreams. This clip is very naughty and you will grow to love it more and more each time you watch it. Nite Nite, My bb.


Goddess Stella Sol - Goodnight Mommy

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