Hot Juls Fetishes - Cuckold Son In The Closet - Goddess Juls

Hot Juls Fetishes – Cuckold Son In The Closet – Goddess Juls

You want to be mommy’s sissy cuckold son…You love when your domme mommy brings different men in the house and fucks them while you are hiding in the closet, playing with your little cock. It turns you on seeing your hot mommy being filled up by lots of different partners. You love it so much that now you are dreaming of cleaning your mommy’s used pussy after she has sex.
The scene starts with me (your domme mommy) getting ready to go on the date. I am applying my make up and talking to you at the same time, telling you all about my hot dates and how you became my submissive sissy cuckold son. “You know your mommy is pretty promiscuous and horny. After your daddy left you’ve been seeing different men in this house. How do you think i make money? Yes, some men pay with to have sex with them. I know you’ve been hiding in the closets and spying on me while i am in my bedroom being pleased by another man. You need to step this up and become my sissy clean up boy. I pay for everything in this house, so it’s time for you to serve mommy.”
In the next scene i am telling you to hide in the closet because one of my lovers is about to come in to have sex with me. I walk you over to the closet and tell you to sit there and not make a peep. “If you are a good boy for mommy, i will let you slurp up your first load! I know you are a sissy boy and i know you love watching me fuck”
In the next scene you are quietly sitting in the closet (POV cuckold view). You hear the knock on the door , some conversation then you see your mommy get down doggy style and start fucking. Then she lays on her back, moaning and enjoying another cock. (Virtual POV fucking). You can’t believe you are watching your hot mom having sex while you are in the same room, listening to her moaning, the smell of her pussy lingering in the room and you can barely keep it together in your pants.
In the final scene my lover pays me and leaves. I walk over to my son hiding in the closet and show him a delicious condom that he is going to devour. After he does everything i command him to do i will allow him to play with his cuckold sissy dick and eat his own cum for mommy.


Hot Juls Fetishes - Cuckold Son In The Closet - Goddess Juls

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