Fiona Costello - Sneaking Away During Thanksgiving Dinner

Fiona Costello – Sneaking Away During Thanksgiving Dinner

You are my son and you and I both show up at the family reunion a little buzzed! You have ALWAYS had a thing for me, and tonight you are not being quiet about it! Especially since you just told me that you didn’t bring your GF because you just knew that your super hott mom was going to be there and you love to be alone with me. Anyway we are flirting like crazy and eventually it just becomes too much for your mom to handle. I start to be more brazen and open with my flirtation… even giving you a little upskirt action, playing footsie with you and getting you hard underneath the table. That becomes too much for YOU and I ask you to follow me to the powder room where your very own mom proceeds to suck your cock and fuck you, RIGHT THEN AND THERE in the bathroom, in the middle of dinner – with the entire family outside the door! I’m bouncing on my boys big beautiful dick with my titties in your face, and you fuck me from behind! I beg for you to cum inside me and I guess I will just have to let my pantyhose soak up my sons cum that is now dripping from my pussy! Fuck this was so fucking HOTT… we might have to make a second trip to the bathroom during dessert..


Fiona Costello - Sneaking Away During Thanksgiving Dinner

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