MissAmellia - Teacher Becoming Step-Mom & CEI

Miss Amellia – Teacher Becoming Step-Mom & CEI

Today I wanna have a serious talk with you .. it’s been a while already since I’ve moved in .. and .. I really had enough of you already ! You’ve been jerking way too much ! Way too much ! And I’ve had enough of you not cleaning after yourself ! But , I’ve found a solution though : from now on , the only way you’re allowed to cum , is if you’re jerking in front of me ! Ohh .. what the fuck?! hahahahahahah it’s so fucking tiny ! hahah I almost need a magnifient glass to fucking see it ! hahahha no wonder you’re still a fucking virgin ! No wonder a fat virgin like you was bullied in school .. no fucking wonder you got made fun of so much ! hahaha you fucking fat virgin loser !


MissAmellia - Teacher Becoming Step-Mom & CEI

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