Natalie Wonder - Step Dad Gets Ice-Cream for Dessert but You Get Step Mom as the Dessert

Natalie Wonder – Step Dad Gets Ice-Cream for Dessert but You Get Step Mom as the Dessert

Ugh, your stepfather is so rude. He sees I’m busy with housework and demands an ice-cream sundae. God forbid he gets up from his football game. I don’t know what to do anymore sweetie. I’m not happy with your stepdad. But you know who makes me happy? YOU. These intimate moments we share…like right now in the kitchen, hanging out. You could be out with friends or in your room watching tv but you’re here by my side. I appreciate you so much. Shhhh sweetie, not right now. Omg put your cock away!! No no don’t do this again! Awww I look sexy? Mmm you know how to change my mind with your sweet compliments. (Yes hon, I’ll be right out there in a minute just making your sundae). Oh who am I kidding, I’m so horny for you baby. Give me a nice treat…between my legs…up against the wall here in the kitchen. All that yoga is really paying off. I love it when your cock is pumping in and out of my pussy while your stepfather is in the next room. How can something this good be so wrong? Mmm we’re cumming so good together. K let me finish and bring this sundae out to your stepdad. Fuck I love you… Next scene How’s your sundae hon? Hon?! Look sweetie, his eyes are closed. He’s done for the night. Look at his stomach sticking out. Ugh. But YOU on the other hand…you are YUMMY all over. I’m still so horny. Remember last time how we did it in front of stepdaddy? That risk turns me on so much. The possibility of him waking up and seeing you fucking your own stepmom? I’m so bad. WE are so bad. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Mmmm I love teasing you…touching my breasts…showing you and rubbing my pussy…all while your stepfather is a few feet away. YOU get to have ALL OF ME. I love you and I am insanely turned on by you at the same time. Promise you’ll always come back home to fuck me….


Natalie Wonder - Step Dad Gets Ice-Cream for Dessert but You Get Step Mom as the Dessert

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