Annabelle Rogers - Mating With Your Biological Mother

Annabelle Rogers – Mating With Your Biological Mother

I came across your porn history and was shocked to see it was taboo breeding mom videos. I confront you about the theme of videos you’ve been consuming. I tell you how wrong it is and quickly start to realize this isn’t just some fantasy for you. You truly have the desire to breed with me. Your own mother. My mind starts to wander as I realize you’d be able to impregnate me. I’ve been trying with your father but his dick can’t stay hard anymore. I need your young potent seed so I propose for us to get naked and have sex. I’m hesitant and want us both to fully understand what we’re about to do. Your huge cock enters me raw and I’m so turned on. You creampie me a few times. I then ride my own son. As I’m on top of you, bouncing on your cock your father walks in. I make him watch and belittle him. You are now the alpha man of the house.

Annabelle Rogers - Mating With Your Biological Mother

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