Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina - Mom Shows Son's GF How to Fuck Him, POV

Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Carmen Valentina – Mom Shows Son’s GF How to Fuck Him, POV

Carmen Valentina, POV, mom and son, son and girlfriend, mom finally meets her son’s girlfriend after hearing such wonderful things about her, mom drills her with questions and asks if she’s pleasing her son sexually and making him happy, no girl is good enough for her son, mom wants son and his girlfriend to have sex in front of her so she can make sure her son is being pleasured properly, mom won’t accept new girlfriend into the family unless she’s willing to do this, mom watches as girlfriend strokes her son’s cock and is not impressed or satisfied, mom teaches girlfriend how to pleasure her son, mom has girlfriend watch as she strokes and sucks her son, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, son fucks mom, mom fucks son, missionary, mom watches girlfriend suck and fuck her son and gives her tips on how to do better, older woman, family sex, fauxcest, girlfriend experience, boy girl girl, BGG, MILF, mom son, mother** After hearing so many wonderful things about your girlfriend, Mom was excited to finally meet her. “Do you love him?” she asked bluntly. “Do you have a job? Are you going to school or anything? You’re not depending on him for everything, are you?” She continued to drill her with questions about her family, how you guys meet, and her intentions with you. No girl was ever good enough for her son and she had no problem voicing that. “I need to know if you’re making him happy,” Mom went on to say, “because every mother needs their son to be happy. Are you making him happy sexually?” “I know this is embarrassing,” she turned towards you, “I know you don’t want me asking that question, but I have to. Having a good sexual relationship makes everything else in the relationship flow well.” She explained that if there was bad sex, the relationship would be filled with anger and tension since the other person wasn’t getting their needs fulfilled. And because you were working so hard and going to school, it was your girlfriend’s job to please you. “Why don’t you guys show me what you guys do in bed?” she continued. “I already know you guys are having sex. If I’m providing for you guys and helping out here and there, I need to make sure you guys are doing everything right.” “Especially you,” she pointed at your girlfriend, “I need to know if you’re pleasing my son the right way, and you’ll show me if you want to be accepted in this family.” She told the both of you to strip down and to have sex right in front of her. If you didn’t, she would forbid you to date your girlfriend. “Just take your clothes off, I don’t care,” Mom said frustrated. “I’ve seen him naked plenty of times when I used to bathe him, and you and I share the same body parts. So, show me how you guys kiss one another.” There was no compromising, and your mother refused to argue with either of you. It was no surprise that she wasn’t impressed with how your girlfriend was pleasuring you. “You can do a better handjob than that…” she said, “I’ll show you the way my son likes it. Don’t question me, I know everything about my son. If you want to sexually please him the right way, you have to watch how I do it…” So, right in front of your girlfriend, your mother began stroking your cock. She wanted your girlfriend to watch and learn, then to do it the exact same way she had done it. She’d continue to guide her through foreplay and sex to make sure you were getting pleasured properly. Mom watched as your girlfriend stroked and sucked your cock, then fucked you. No one would ever be good enough for her son. With some training, however, she’d start to like your girlfriend a little more.


Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina - Mom Shows Son's GF How to Fuck Him, POV

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