Emmas Secret Life - Helping My Son With His Urges 720p

Emmas Secret Life – Helping My Son With His Urges 720p

You are a single mom and your beloved son has been a bad boy. Several times he has tried to f0rce himself on girls against their will. You realize that he has a dangerous sexual urge that could get him in serious trouble if things continue the way they are. You cannot stand the idea of him being taken away from you. After talking to him and trying to find out why he feels so wildly lustful, you decide that you yourself must help him. You must give him the sexual outlet he craves. He certainly proves quite animistic in his fucking. But you find you love it – even if is taboo. All the expenditure leaves your son totally satisfied and of no danger to other women for the present. But he will need further relief in the future! Notes: length about 15 minutes, POV style, solo – but with virtual sex. This is essential though. I am happy for you do it the way you think is best. The relationship is clearly related mother-son. You say things to emphasize this – both in small talk, and by regularly using words like: Mother/Mom (not Mommy)/Son/Honey/Young Man/Dear. At some points you say ‘own’ for emphasis – as in ‘My own son’ and ‘Your own mother’ (particularly during the heated sex). The last request in dirty-talk is awkward, but it would be great if you considered including it. The words /Incestuous – would be said throughout (again quite a bit during the sex). Their purpose would be to really drive the taboo theme home. Typical phrases might be: ‘Fuck you mother!’ ‘I can’t believe I’m fucking my own son!’ ‘You’re even bigger than your father!’. The way it is said depends on your character. One type may say things boldly, shamelessly.


Emmas Secret Life - Helping My Son With His Urges 720p

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