Divinebabe - Stepmom Knows Your Secret

Divinebabe – Stepmom Knows Your Secret

Your stepmom comes home from the gym and asks if you’d like anything to eat, she knows she’s not your real mom but she tries to be your friend at least..
Then she starts to tease you because she notices you staring at her.
Its okay hun.. im not your real mom so this is okay..
I think its so cute when Im able to tease you..
She’s super sweaty and smelly from the gym, and she teases about you smelling her pussy and ass..
what if I took off my panties and had you smell them? do you enjoy that? how about if you were to smell my pussy and ass?
I also know your secret.. that you’ve been wanting to fuck me since I got with your dad. well, todays your lucky day.

Divinebabe - Stepmom Knows Your Secret

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