Nicolette Bloom - Neighbor Wants to be Your Mommy Pt 1

Nicolette Bloom – Neighbor Wants to be Your Mommy Pt 1

Thank you for coming over sweetie. Why did I ask you over here? Well don’t you think it’s important that as neighbors we’re friendly? We’ve been neighbors in the same apartment building for weeks now and you’ve never seen inside of my place. Neighbors should be friends. Why don’t I have any little ones of my own? Well I always wanted a son like you. I always see you in the hallway looking so cute. Is your mommy good to you honey? You didn’t tell her you were here right? Are you looking at my breasts sweetie. It’s okay honey. Does your peepee feel tingly and hard when you look at them. No I think it’s cute. Oh no, look, you have a wet spot on your pants. Why don’t you take them off and Miss Nicolette can wash them for you before you go home. Look, I’ll take mine off too. Does your mommy ever show you her bottom? Have you ever seen a woman’s private parts before sweetie? Here, you can look at mine. I bet your peepee will get harder. Why don’t you get on your knees in front of me. Take your little undies off too. There you go. Go ahead and rub your peepee. I want to see the white stuff come out.

Nicolette Bloom - Neighbor Wants to be Your Mommy Pt 1

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