Dina Sky - Good Boy Sniff Mommy's Farts

Dina Sky – Good Boy Sniff Mommy’s Farts

This was a custom video request. I am on the couch relaxing after a long day, a nice dinner, in my jeans when you come into the living room, “how was your day son?” Small talk, I ask you to come join me a good movie is coming on soon, I feel the sudden urge and I can’t hold it in, I let out a loud fart. Quickly embarrassed I apologize, I am so sorry son. You say it’s okay and we continue to watch but I just can’t help it I let out another loud fart, I am ashamed, and tell you my son im sorry for stinking up the room like this, but you tell me its okay, looking down I suddenly realize I have given you a boner, “Wait are you turned on by mommy farting?” Your shy to admit it but it’s okay it’s surprisingly but a relief, since I am really gassy this evening. I suggest that we shut off the tv and have a little one on one time together, why don’t you position yourself little closer to mommy, I start to fart more, louder, longer, multiple ones, all while teasing you In my tight blue jeans. I talk about how much you love smelling/sniffing mommy’s farts, that’s a good boy tell me how much you love it, it make you hard doesn’t is son? You love listening to me fart in your face, and it makes you want to stroke for mommy doesn’t it? I encourage you to smell, sniff, and touch yourself while I let a few more good farts out, teasing you with my big ass, and making you succumb to mommy’s farts. This video is non nude- the jeans stay on the whole time throughout the video. It includes farting, (very loud farts, multiple ones, likely my best farts I have done on film).


Dina Sky - Good Boy Sniff Mommy's Farts

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