Diane Andrews - Do You Like Mommies Panties

Diane Andrews – Do You Like Mommies Panties

This was a custom order – no name used. To submit a request, email me. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review. “Hi Diane, I am a big fan of your clips store especial your taboo mommy/son clips! You are so beautiful and sexy, thank you for sharing and making videos! I have an idea for a custom video that I think you would perfect to star in for me. There are 3 areas that the clips would be focused on mommy/son taboo, upskirt, and panty fetishes. My idea for a mommy/son clip revolves around the idea that a mother would be made to take her son to work with her one day for whatever reason (school closed, no babysitter). The mother would be wearing professional clothes either a dress or a skirt with heels to start the clip. The mother would be a bit annoyed by the fact that her son is at work with her and tells him to play under her desk and stay out of the way. This is where the clip would be upskirt focused as the son plays under his mom’s desk he notices he can see her panties up her skirt. The son is mesmerized by the sight of his mother’s panties and starts to get excited and attempts to get a closer look and tries to put his face between her legs which startles the mother and she reacts and asks what he is doing. He says nothing and she goes back to what she was doing, the son does the same things again trying to get closer and closer to his mom’s pussy pulled in by her sweet smell. The second time the son touches his mother much higher on her inner thigh which again startles her and checks to see what he is doing. This time she notices that he is aroused and rubbing his penis a little. While she notices, she doesn’t say anything but instead finds herself turned on by the idea and decides that if her son really wants a good look at her pussy she would give it to him and leaves the room and removes her panties. She comes back without saying anything to her son and sits back down at her desk but leaves her legs more open giving her son a better view up her skirt. This time her son looks up her skirt and see no panties and gets so turned on he can’t help but start masturbating. The mother knowing what’s really going on down there makes sure to “catch” him playing with himself. The mother tells the son how naughty it is looking up women skirts and how especially wrong it is to be looking up your mother’s skirt. As “punishment” for being so naughty the son is then told to jerk off in front of his mother, then he is told to lick his mother so he can finally taste her sweet juices and then told to fuck his mother. During the sex part of the scene the more taboo mommy/son talk the better! The scene should end with the mother begging her son to cum inside of her and then telling him he is allowed to “play under her desk anytime.”


Diane Andrews - Do You Like Mommies Panties

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