Princess Pilar - Brat Mommie (Tabo0)

Princess Pilar – Brat Mommie (Tabo0)

Your father remarried in his mid-life crisis and now you have a new Mommie who just happens to be the hottest Bratty Bitch from hell you’ve ever laid your innocent virgin little eyes on. You aren’t really so innocent though because you’ve secretly been spying on Her when She gets out of the shower and you’ve been peeping in on Her when She gets dressed as well. You don’t know why you’re being such a naughty boy, but you just can’t seem to help yourself. Your first time masturbating was while watching Her- you thought She wasn’t aware you were sneaking and jerking off to Her, but Mommie knows everything. She finally takes the opportunity to confront you when you are peeping in on Her once again, especially since you’ve become even more brazen in your naughty behaviors than ever before. You will follow all of Mommie’s instructions, including showing Her your tiny little clit dick which won’t grow much more if it all- that’s right, you’ll have a small clit-dick just like your silly old father. The good thing is you’re young and Mommie is interested in sculpting you into the perfect male slave beginning now, in your young age, She will give you a little taste of what being (mind)FUCKED really feels like. Who’s Mommie’s good boy? Yes, you are. Enjoy xo- Princess Pilar

Age Regression, Beta Humiliation, Boot Fetish, Brat Worship, Ebony Female Domination, Little Play, Mesmerize, Role Play, Shiny Fetish, Small Penis Humiliation

Princess Pilar - Brat Mommie (Tabo0)

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