Crystal Clark - Stepmoms Vacation Fun Complete Series

Crystal Clark – Stepmoms Vacation Fun Complete Series

It was the summer of my college graduation, and my Stepmom Crystal wanted to surprise me with a special family vacation. My dad last minute couldn’t join, so it became just the two of us. When we arrived at the resort they had given us a room with only one bed, but because they were sold out for the weekend my Stepmom suggested we make the most of it. Crystal really wanted to make this weekend fun, and memorable for me. So she rallied us to go to the pool before dinner. She had asked me to help put sunblock on her back, and I couldn’t help but rub her shoulders which she reprimanded me quickly telling me its sunblock not massage oil. I apologized and luckily she got up before noticing my boner. After the pool Crystal wanted us to hurry and get ready for our dinner reservation. She ran into the bathroom, and tossed her bikini out at me saying to put it with her laundry. But, when I picked up my stepmoms bikini something came over me. I couldn’t help it, I started sniffing her bikini and rubbing it on my hard cock. I was getting really into it, when Crystal came out of the bathroom!! She screamed in shock and I tried pulling my shorts up as fast as I could. It was so embarrassing. I didn’t know what to do and my boner wasn’t going down so I told her I had to finish. Still in shock Crystal asked how long it would take, and I said a few minutes. But, she wanted me finished sooner and asked how to make it go faster. I told her if she helped me it would go A LOT faster. So, my stepmom Crystal reluctantly got on her knees and stroked my cock! She even let me cum into her bikini! When Crystal and I were at dinner she had one to many, and I needed to help her back to our room. I helped her to the bed, and started taking off her heels for her. She kept telling me what a good boy I am, and a good step son then asked me to sit next to her on the bed. She was rubbing my leg, comparing me to my dad, and then blurted out her curiosity for what my cock might taste like compared to his before catching herself. I couldn’t stop thinking about her stroking my cock earlier in the day and wanted more so I told her she could always find out. She fought it for a little bit but, Finally I persuaded her, and she got on her knees to suck my cock! She told me I couldn’t tell anyone, as she sucked my dick and even let me cum in her mouth!! The next morning Crystal woke me up really early for a boat day. It was the final day of the vacation so she wanted to do something big. It was a blast, but very exhausting. When we got back to our room it was really late, Crystal started stripping naked in front of me and telling me to get in bed. I took my clothes off too which I don’t think she noticed, and slipped into bed with her. She was a little chilly and asked me to snuggle to heat her up. It was an exhausting day and I think she forgot who she was in bed with. She was snuggling back into me, so I started rubbing her tits and omg my cock was getting so hard. I could tell she was warming up to me. She was enjoying it, especially as my hand moved downward toward her pussy. She was getting more relaxed and even turned over to kiss me! But, then realized I was not my father! She was so exhausted she must’ve forgotten he wasn’t here…So, she said we couldn’t do anymore. But I knew she hadn’t had sex in awhile because my dad was working so much, so I told her it would be our secret and it would make this the best vacation ever. I new her pussy was wet and she was horny. So I just told her how much it would mean to me, and that won her over, and as long as I agreed to never tell anyone she agreed to fuck!! She rode my cock, and let me bend her over doggy too. It was amazing fucking my hot stepmom Crystal. I laid her on her back and started fucking her so hard making her tits bounce, until cumming all over her bush. She says this was the one and only time, but I think there may be more vacations just the two of us.

Crystal Clark - Stepmoms Vacation Fun Complete Series

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