Cory Chase - Step Mom Gives Up Her Ass During a Party

Cory Chase – Step Mom Gives Up Her Ass During a Party

I had just moved in when I get a knock at my door. A opened up shirt and tight shorts neighbor practically pushes into my house as she introduces herself and welcomes me to the neighborhood. What the hell is she wearing! I can’t keep my eyes off her tight body as she struts to my bedroom. “I saw you unpacking those boxes” She says with her come fuck me smile. She leans forward and shows off her cleavage, “Like my big titties?” She asks me with a giggle. Unbuttoning her shirt she tells me to touch her and gasps as I grab a handful and press my face into them. Cory slides down her lacy panties and gets more comfortable, touching her hairy pussy. “Someone’s a little overdress” She moans. Taking off my clothes she puts me in her mouth until I’m raging hard. “My pussy is so wet” She purrs opening up her legs and begging me to fuck her. Thrusting at the edge of the bed I can’t stop myself from fucking her silly. Moaning endlessly Cory looks up at me with her big brown eyes. Her big tits bouncing as my cock thrusts back and forth in her warm wet pussy. The feeling of her is amazing. She turns around and lets me fuck her from behind. I touch her tight asshole and she screams. Pushing me down to the bed Cory gets on top of me and has her way. I need to cum. Her endless teasing and fucking has brought me right to the edge. As I plow into her I put my hand around her throat and she fucking loves it. I feel her pussy tighten and as she begins to cum I shoot my load of cum deep inside of her.”Welcome to the neighborhood” She says with a smile, cum dripping out of her fucked pussy. The introduction of the neighborhood slut. Creampie Milf Fuck my neighbor Cory is hot. She’s always in that swimming pool behind her house in her tight bathing suits, it just drives me wild. My favorite hobby is watching her through her back living room window. One day when she’s alone in the house my hopes and dreams come true. She opens up her robe and begins masturbating right there on her couch. She glances in my direction and screams in anger. “Get over here!” A white hot fear takes over me. I’m in so much trouble. I nearly faint when she whispers “Did that turn you on?” My eyes open up wide and I’m frozen to the ground as she slides over to me. Pulling down my pants she exposes my hard cock and puts me in her mouth. I can barely think, her warm lips around me, as she goes back and forth on me. “Fill me full of cum” She whispers to me, hopping up on the couch and spreading her legs. My body goes on autopilot as she takes me and fucks me silly. Moaning and thrusting I feel myself quiver and shoot my sticky hot load deep inside of her. Fucking My Step-Son for the First Time I head out for a party with my friends during the day. While I’m gone, my step-mom decides to lay out in the sexiest bikini she has to tan. She’s on the phone talking to her friend about their days when the topic of their sons come up. Step-Mom’s friend talks to her about the things she does with her step-son, and how she wishes that I was like that and how my step-mom created a taboo step-mom/step-son blog to talk about her desires with me… Soon I arrive home, and go to chill out. I found my step-mom’s blog, and start to read it, as it turns me on. My step-mother walks in still in her bikini to talk to me about my day, but I’m not paying attention. She wants to see what’s distracting me so she grabs the phone, and sees that I’m on her blog. At first she’s upset and flustered, asking why I’m reading it and how I found it. But, then she sees that I can’t stop staring at her beautiful tits and that I’m really hard. She sees her chance and asks if I like the blog, and what I think. She begins to rub my inner thigh, and is pressing her tits together, showing them off for me. Then she asks if her boy thinks step-mommy is sexy, She asks if I wanna see her tits, and pulls them out. She starts rubbing my dick, and pulls it out and starts giving me a handjob. She continues to dirty talk me like the dirty step-mommy she is, and asks if step-mommy can suck my dick. She sucks it, and titty fucks it while dirty talking me the entire time, driving me insane. Telling me how bad she’s dreamed of this, and how bad she’s wanted me for so long, etc etc etc. She asks if I wanna fuck my step-mom, and climbs on top of me and rides my cock. The she asks if I want to fuck her ass and I say yes! I’m loving it as much as she is. She continues for a little, tells me she wants to make her baby boy cum all over her face and tits. She gets off and blows me until I explode all over her tits and face, covering her in her step-son’s cum. She kisses my dick and licks up cum and cleans me up, telling me she loves me and can’t wait to have more fun with me. Sleepwalking Step-MomCory hasn’t had a sleepwalking episode in years. Half resting she uses the bathroom and goes back to bed with her husband. Although she doesn’t realize it’s not her husbands bed, it’s her step-son’s. Having a sexy dream she reaches over and feels her husband’s hard cock. She smiles, he hasn’t’ had morning wood in years, she thinks. She starts stroking him then slides under the covers to put his big dick in her mouth.

Cory Chase - Step Mom Gives Up Her Ass During a Party

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