Cory Chase in Mommy's Lapse of Judgement - School Year Surprise

Cory Chase in Mommy’s Lapse of Judgement – School Year Surprise

Scene One: School Year Surprise Mom comes in my bedroom wearing only a bathrobe. She sits on the bed and places her hand on my leg which is under covers. She places her finger over her lips to keep me quiet. She starts telling me softly about how handsome I am getting and how next year I will be in junior high. She starts stroking my leg, continuing to tell me how handsome I am, telling me how much she loves me, speaking softly and sexy. Mom starts squeezing between my legs and gasps. She does this for about a minute, she stands up slips out of her robe, put my dick inside of her, she whimper s when she does this. She leans forward so she is on all fours and start riding me, back and forth. She comes with a grunt, stare into my eyes for a moment, gets up, put on her robe, and explains to me this will always be our secret and to never share what happened with anyone… Scene Two: All About Mommy I walk into my room to find Mommy sitting on my bed. She is acting very sexy and I don’t know why she is there. Then she asks if I like her and if want to see her naked. She proceeds to help me strip her. Piece by piece we removed her clothes. She then lays back on my bed and tells me to fuck her. She says this is all about her, she wants me to use her. I fuck her and fill her full of my cum and then she just tells me to “Run Along.” I was used but that is okay, that’s all I wanted…


Cory Chase in Mommy's Lapse of Judgement - School Year Surprise

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