Conor Coxxx Clips - Leah Lamour - Son Fun In Mum's Bum 4: Roleplay Becomes Reality- FULL VERSION - HD 720p

Conor Coxxx Clips – Leah Lamour – Son Fun In Mum’s Bum 4: Roleplay Becomes Reality- FULL VERSION – HD 720p

Conor’s mother played by granny Leah needs a stunt cock for some pictures. She uses her son’s and ends with an oral creampie (fake).
Then they decide it’s a good idea to fuck. She sucks his cock on the couch and the he eats her pussy. Then they fuck in missionary and cowgirl position. After she gets on all four and then Conor fucks her gilf ass until he cums inside.

Following her recent separation, Leah is struggling to make ends meet financially so she turns to webcamming to make ends meet.
Given her age and status as a MILF, nearly 2/3s of her shows were young guys wanting to fuck their mothers. As a mother of son she often wondered if her boy had the same fantasy. While she was hesitant at first on the role play as time went on she actually started to enjoy it. One day she gets a high dollar offer from one of her customers that she cannot refuse to produce a custom photo set of her giving a blowjob to a young man. After a while of not being able to find a young stud and an incident of Conor walking in and finding out what his mom has been doing to pay their bills Leah decides to ask Conor to help her with the blowjob photos and that they could just simulate them to make them look real. To her shock he agrees without much hesitation.
When it comes time to follow through and shoot the photos Leah starts to feel nervous and guilty but Conor calms her down and reassures her that it will be fine and reminds her that they need the money. Despite the sexual tension the shoot goes smoothly, but the customer says that the photos look fake and that he wants to see her actually giving a blowjob.
Given that they have already gone this far they figure they might as well finish this.
This time they are less nervous and the shoot goes well, but a little too well as Conor can’t hold back any longer and he cums in his mother’s mouth unexpectedly. She jumps up crying and runs out of the room.
Later that night, Mom finally has the nerve to approach her son to talk about what happened.
He starts to apologize, but she quickly says it’s ok and that the customer loved the photos and that she wants to thank him in a very special way…
Conor can’t believe his eyes as his mom starts to strip for him!
She takes off everything but her panties, and then kneels before him on the floor and begins to really blow him this time. After a few minutes Conor returns the favor and eats his mother’s pussy until she cums hard on his face.
Just as she his losing herself, much to her surprise her son stops and slides up on top of her and positions his cock by her wet pussy. She tries to stop him, but he slams his cock deep into his mother’s tight pussy. She protests at first but with each deep stroke from her son she is letting the passion control her. Within several strokes her tone quickly changes to “Fuck me, fuck your mother!” After cumming a few times from getting fucked in several different positions Leah wants her son’s cum inside her, but she wants it in her ass!
Her son does not know how to react at first but how can he pass up cumming in his mother ass! He enters her ass slowly but picks up the pace as his excitement rises as his mom talks dirty to him. After several amazing minutes of fucking his mom’s ass he cums harder than ever before and keeps thrusting up into her long after his ejaculation.
He slowly eases out of her completely and kisses her passionately as they tell each other how much they love each other. They joke about how much her customer would’ve loved to see this especially if he knew he was her REAL son!
They both agree that this needs to be a regular thing, but to keep it a secret for obvious reasons!


Conor Coxxx Clips - Leah Lamour - Son Fun In Mum's Bum 4: Roleplay Becomes Reality- FULL VERSION - HD 720p

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