Comforting Mommy - Lady Fyre

Comforting Mommy – Lady Fyre

You’re in a swank hotel with your parents because your father’s company is having a New Years party. You got bored at the party, and that’s when you noticed that you hadn’t seen your mother in a while. You go up to her room to check on her & she’s obviously upset. She tries to hide it from you, but you know that your father can be a jerk. Mom tells you that father was flirting with another secretary again… this one is a blonde. You feel so bad for mom. She’s such a great woman, and she deserves a better husband. You lay your head in her lap, and that’s when you realize she’s not wearing panties. You nudge her thighs with your head, trying to get a better look. She tells you to stop, but you can tell that she’s lonely, and you want to make her feel better.
You start touching her with your fingers, and she resists some, but then you start to lick her pussy & she seems to melt. She needs this so much. Mommy says you got her all wet, then she pulls off your pants. She can’t believe how big your cock has gotten. She sucks on it then bend over so you can do her d0.ggystyle. She hesitates & says you shouldn’t be doing this because your father could be back any second. But she’s so horny, and she wants you to take her mind off your no-good, cheating father. Pretty soon she forgets all about him, telling you how good your cock feels inside her, and how it’s just what she needed. You move to the bed, doing her in missionary position. “Ever since you were young, you always knew how to make me smile. Make mommy cum,” she says then cums hard on your cock. Your father calls & she answers the phone, says she’s spending time with her son, and tells him to take all the time he wants. After she hangs up she tells you to fuck her harder. You can hear all the people counting down to the ball drop, and in a most magical moment, you cum on your mother’s pussy right at midnight.

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Comforting Mommy - Lady Fyre

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