Brandon Areana - Step-Mummy's New Toy and Fortune

Brandon Areana – Step-Mummy’s New Toy and Fortune

Subscribe to my Members Only Site for less than $5 and start your descent into my sunken place, you’ll be gaining access to over 500 FREE videos and Pics, Discounted New Releases, exclusive content, live streams and so much more! Email me directly for the Hook Up! [email protected] You are my new stepmum and unfortunately my millionaire Male Parental unit has passed away and left everything to me. I am a young man and you are going to seduce me as your plan is to get me hooked and addicted to you. Your stunning body is clad in a sexy leather skirt and satan top. You will seduce me, make me addicted to your ‘handling’ of my sexual development and also replace my dad in your bed. It’s the day after the funeral and you are not wasting any time on your mission. You walk in wearing a black leather pencil skirt, a satin blouse or wet look black top shiny pantyhose, leopard high heel stilettos. Please do this clip standing up and moving around a bit. Bending over a chair or table to show your amazing bum, legs, heels and stocking tops would be great. You start to be sympathetic to my loss, but this then turns seductive and sexy as you show me what really attracted my Male Parental unit. You then notice I am getting aroused. You then tell me that you are going to make me your sex slave, demanding I get on my knees. Because you have an amazing sex drive you tell me that if I am going to replace my dad. I am going to supply your need to be given at least three oral orgasms a day and sex twice a night. To achieve this, you are going to need to start developing my sexual stamina and most importantly my cum production must increase massively if I am to keep you satisfied. To do this, you tell me that this can be achieved by you milking me 3-5 times every day (morning noon, evening) and occasionally to be woken in the night to be milked, until I am dry, so I don’t stray or have thoughts of other women. This treatment will also mean that when we have sex twice every night, I won’t cum too soon. Before we start, you tell me that you want to see me produce a huge load of young cum. To help me, you bend down and simulate giving me a handjob. Telling me that my cock is harder than his ever was and my balls are too full and need to be emptied. You make me cum and then the clip finishes with you telling me that you will be milking me twice and draining me of cum more before the day is out. Do you have a concept for a Custom you would love?


Brandon Areana - Step-Mummy's New Toy and Fortune

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