Bella Bates - Mommy Takes Care Of Your Huge Erection

Bella Bates – Mommy Takes Care Of Your Huge Erection

You have come to the hospital because your erection is not going away. Your cock is really hard because you decided to try your dad’s Viagra out of curiosity a little bit. Your mommy is a nurse and she has a shift when you come to the clinic. She is very surprised to see you
at her workplace, but worried about what is wrong with you. She sees from your papers why you came to the clinic and ask how it happened. You have to tell your mommy. Your mommy is behaving very professionally. She wants to see your cock. She examines you cock for a moment and decide that you don’t need a doctor. She doesn’t want you to take chemical medicines. Your mommy tells you that usually it helps if your cock cums. She wants to help you cum. She says you have to be quiet because you are at her workplace. She starts jerking you with rubber gloves in her hand. Your cock cums so hard, but your erection is still on… but your mommy not give up… “We need to get you to cum as many times as we need” she says and helps you more… Helping also makes your mommy little wet.

Bella Bates - Mommy Takes Care Of Your Huge Erection

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