Annabelle Rogers – Mommy Solves Plumbing Issues

The name “Josh” is used throughout the video. I have a talk with you right after the guys working on our plumbing leave. The reason none of the plumbing in our house hasn’t been working is because you have been flushing jerk off socks which clog everything up. You are of course embarrassed about the situation but I comfort you and assure you that it is all natural. I hint at how dating has been going and I feel these women intimidate you because of all their sexual experience and your lack thereof. I get you to try out some date roleplay scenarios with me. I soon find out just how innocent you are with everything sexual because I discover that you’re a virgin. I teach you everything you need to know from talking, foreplay, kissing, oral, boob play to even fucking. I then demand you cream pie me as I ride you so that you know what it feels like and will be better prepared for your next date.


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Annabelle Rogers – Mommy Solves Plumbing Issues.mp4

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