Angel The Dreamgirl - My Step-Mom Caught Me in Her Bedroom

Angel The Dreamgirl – My Step-Mom Caught Me in Her Bedroom

Stepmom Angel arrives home from work early and notices her bedroom door slightly open and noise coming from the room, she peeps in the door and sees her stepson on her bed wearing her pantyhose and jerking off while smelling a few pantyhose over his face.
Stepmom Angel gets aroused and goes into her closet to change into some new pantyhose she purchased, Angel enters the room Encased in pantyhose like on the boss’s order, layered with white holdup stockings (from the boss’s order) your stepson is embarrassed but you tell him it’s OK.
Stepmom Angel shows him her amazing body Encased in pantyhose at the end of the bed while he is finding it very hard to control his erection! Angel removes both white stockings and garter (if wearing one) and ties stepsons hands to bed with stockings, Angel then teases his cock while he is still wearing her pantyhose with her ass and legs and asks him would he really like to smell her nylon ass now for real. Angel squats just over his face allowing him to smell but not taste, stepson is now at breaking point.
Angel proceeds to lick and suck his cock thru the pantyhose and telling him not to cum as stepmom has a bigger surprise, you release the stockings and tell him to rub his nylon cock over step-mom’s ass, as you bend over in front of him and slowly fuck my thighs. You tell him to feel your nylon covered boobs gently. The tension builds.
Angel sits on a chair /bed with her legs open wide and tells him to come to stepmommy, you make a hole in his pantyhose and he tries to penetrate you through your pantyhose. Angel makes a very small hole in her nylon and you let him put his cock between your nylon and pussy he moves it around slowly(no fucking) and you whisper to him not to cum.
Stepsons cock is now dripping, Angel is on the bed and gives him a blowjob while he feels Angel’s thighs, boobs and ass. (camera angle is important here) He spoons stepmom and fucks her (same as 621 clip) while holding one leg in the air, he now has the permission to fuck! He bangs his stepmom hard in doggy position, Angel then squats over his dick and fucks him while she feels her nylon tits, (pov here) Angel then sits on a chair with her legs in the air and he fucks her hard, you ask him is it really me or my nylon that turns you on?
Just before he cums you push him off and you kneel on the floor/bed with your ass in full view and tell him to come over your ass. He wanks over your ass just as he is almost coming and you say stop! Stepmom Angel has one more surprise, you get a pantyhose, tan seamless if possible from the pile on the bed he was smelling earlier and fit it over your face like a nylon mask protruding your tongue for his cum. Stepson explodes all over the nylon while you lick the cum thru the nylon. Angel removes the pantyhose mask and leaves the room on all fours displaying that amazing body.

Angel The Dreamgirl - My Step-Mom Caught Me in Her Bedroom

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