Amedee Vause - Step Mom SexEd

Amedee Vause – Step Mom SexEd

It’s time for bed now, it’s late and you have an important exam tomorrow, that’s what you told me. Come on, let’s tuck you in… wait, what was that? Did you just squeeze My Boob? Don’t you know that’s completely inappropriate? Even if I’m your step-mom you should respect me as you would respect your real mother! Whaaat? You do it all the time at school with your female classmates? And what’s their opinion about it? Oh, you got slapped… that happens! To me, it looks like you need some SexEd, to get your things and thoughts in order. You see, you cannot act out your sexual desires just like that, especially when they implicate other people, you need their consent first! The fact that you felt the urge to do that shows me that you’ve become sexually mature and you have your needs, like everyone else, but you should learn to act upon your needs in a healthy way. It’s nothing bad to feel horny, all of us feel like that from time to time, but that’s why we have sex and get partners, to act out our desires in a healthy, civilized way. Now, you don’t have a girlfriend yet, and I say yet because I think you’ll get one soon, I believe in you and in your abilities to get a GF, so you need to act these desires in another way. And that way is masturbation. Don’t worry, I ‘ll teach you all about it and give you all the information you need, just follow my instructions and you’ll experience the first orgasm in your life today!


Amedee Vause - Step Mom SexEd

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