Kelly Payne - Sexy baking with Mommy PART ONE

Kelly Payne – Sexy baking with Mommy PART ONE

Mommy Kelly is so excited when you come home, she has been trying to think up what to bake for your schools Mom & Son bake sale, and you know how mommy loves to win at all things mom & son. It’s just you and mommy, so baking the cup cakes gets really sexy! Mommy decides to bake chocolate cup cakes with extra special ingredients, mommy’s sweet and warm breast milk, and some pussy juice.. these are going to be the sexiest tastiest cup cakes anyone has ever tasted! YUM! Don’t you love baking with mommy? You and mommy get really side tracked while baking, and to keep mommy’s milk flowing you have quite a bit of play time under the table. Don’t forget to get PART TWO as well so you can continue the Sexy naughty baking!


Kelly Payne - Sexy baking with Mommy PART ONE

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