Tara Tainton - Under the Mistletoe with Step-Mommy

Tara Tainton – Under the Mistletoe with Step-Mommy

Another holiday party has gone by… another Christmas without your step-daddy here. I bought this new Christmas lingerie just for him, to surprise him with. But, he’s missed out yet again. Do you think Step-Mommy looks beautiful in her Christmas lingerie? Thank you, sweetie… Well, did you notice? We’re standing underneath the mistletoe together… Do you know what that means? That’s right. You have to kiss whoever you’re near when you’re under the mistletoe. It’s a Christmas rule! Mmm…. you’re a very nice kisser. I didn’t mean for the sweet, Christmas kiss to be that long! Do you want another one? It’s very nice, isn’t it. Tell me: what’s your Christmas wish this year? To kiss your step-mommy like step-daddy gets to? Well, gee, I…. well all mommies love to give their boys their Christmas wishes! Would you like a better one? Come here…. Oh, look what’s underneath the mistletoe now, standing up so straight… you know the rules! Step-Mommy has to kiss it now… it’s Christmas!


Tara Tainton - Under the Mistletoe with Step-Mommy

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