Taboo Girl - Mom and Son Cuckold Dad

Taboo Girl – Mom and Son Cuckold Dad

It’s my birthday and you forget again. It’s not that you don’t love me, you are just so busy and away for work a lot. We don’t have sex much anymore- your sex life has become your hand and I am left horny and desperate at the peak of my sexuality. Since it’s my birthday I should get the gift that I want most. I convince you it’ll be good for our marriage and make us all happy again. I need a man at his peak to fuck me while you watch and jerk off to your wife being satisfied by another man. But not just any man, I have had my eye on our son and now that he’s 18 it’s my chance. You reluctantly agree to my demands. I change into sexy black lace lingerie and son walks in-that’s how I planned it. I seduce him as you sit in the corner and watch. After a successful seduction, I demand that son get his cock in me and fuck me. He has a big gorgeous cock at it’s prime, unlike your measly little thing! You watch as I get satisfied and orgasm hard. But you still need a release. I make you come on you knees by the bed and eat all of your son’s cum dripping out of my pussy. It makes me so horny and I cum again squirting and queefing into your mouth.


Taboo Girl - Mom and Son Cuckold Dad

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