Natalie Wonder Clips - A Mother & Son's Conniving Appetites

Natalie Wonder Clips – A Mother & Son’s Conniving Appetites

Guess what sweetie. Your little sister just got her period for the first time. Her body is really going through some changes now. I wasn’t expecting it so soon. She’s still young. She was so scared. She called me into the bathroom & pulled down her cute pink panties (the ones you bought her). There was on them. I saw a glimpse of her pussy and it looked so yummy. Mommy can’t help herself. Such a pretty girl. I know you & I both share a special type of affection for her. Nobody knows about this naughty secret we share & partake in together.
Your father is leaving again tonight. It will be the three of us, alone. Maybe tonight you can show your little sister how to insert a tampon into her little pussy. I’ll hold her to make sure she sits still for you. If the tampon doesn’t help maybe your cock will feel better. You can experience what it’s like to fuck her while she’s on her period. Mmmmm her tight little cunt will be so lubricated. It might get messy, but that’s okay. Mommy will clean everything up & wash her bedsheets. She’ll be especially horny. Secretly, as much as she fights it, she loves being our dirty little whore. She’s napping now, which is good. She’ll need to save her energy for later.

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Natalie Wonder Clips - A Mother & Son's Conniving Appetites

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