TabithaXXX - Mom Son I Need Your Seed Impregnation

TabithaXXX – Mom Son I Need Your Seed Impregnation

Son Thank you for coming to talk to me like I asked you to after your date tonight. There is something really important that I need from you. I know that you and your girlfriend are having sex and that is OK I am just so thankful that you wear a condom every time. Now mommy needs something from you. When your dad left, he left without giving me the only thing that I wanted from him. Another BBY. I need you to sit down and let me tease you to get your cock nice and hard and build up the perfect load to impregnate me with. I see you are getting hard already. You like watching mommy ! Don’t be scared! I promise you after you feel mommy from the inside you will never get hard for another dumb basic girl again! Let me suck it and and lick it for a little while. I know you want to cummm but DO NOT until you are deep inside of me. I need to ride you forwards and backwards to get a good build up of seed in your balls before I let you cumm. Boy if you cumm Anywhere except for mommy’s pussy you will never get to feel it again so be patient and let me feel how good it feels so I can climax at the same time as you when you finally cum in mommy’s pussy and impregnate me. It’s the best way you know. I will eventually let you shoot your big load deep in my pussy and not waste a drop of your precious seed. See isn’t it better without a condom and I know everything about mommy is better than your g/f. Sure you can keep seeing her but good luck getting hard for anyone but me ever again. You are such a good boy doing what I tell you to do you deserved to bust that nut inside of me and make me cum so hard. MMMM maybe next time after I am pregnant I will let you cumm somewhere else. I get so horny when I am pregnant. *** there was an intended creampie at the end but I just couldn’t waste a drop oh and also the tube kept disconnecting. It’s a new toy πŸ˜‰

TabithaXXX - Mom Son I Need Your Seed Impregnation

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