Step Son Home On Military Leave - Mindi Mink

Step Son Home On Military Leave – Mindi Mink

Mindis step son surprises her when coming home on military leave. They talk for a while, she compliments him on the great shape he is in. She reminds him that his dad is not home but she is happy he has come to visit her. While he is in the shower, she goes into his room to put on fresh sheets for him when she notices his laptop is open. What she sees on the screen at first infuriates her but after taking a look at some more, it intrigues her. She leaves his room confused and aroused… later that night, she checks in on him in his room. She wants to ask him a question about what she saw on his laptop. She admits she saw the content on his laptop… he likes step mom and son porn. She asks him if he fantasizes being with her. She tells him she would like to explore the topic personally with him. She undresses to reveal sexy panties and teddy. She wants to take it slow and sensual so she teases him from the edge of the bed. She removes the teddy to reveal her big tits. She tells him to touch her gently as she puts her big tits in his face. Then she tells him to take his pants off so she can touch his big cock. She admits it is wrong, but it feels so good to have his cock in her hands. She takes his cock into her mouth and slowly sucks him… she stops and tells him her pussy is soaking wet. She wants to feel his hard cock inside her, but first she wants him to taste her sweet pussy. He licks her pussy better than she imagined. She wants to mount his hard cock so she can cum all over it. She slides down slowly on his shaft and starts to grind on his cock. It does not take long for her to cum on his cock. She wants him to fuck her hard from behind… she backs up onto his big cock and tells him to fuck her good. She slows down so she can feel every inch of him. She then tells him to grab her hips, fuck her and blow his cum deep into her wet pussy. Being the good step son he is, he shoot his young, hot load deep into Mindis pussy… She has never been fucked that good. She says she should tell her husband to not hurry coming home so she can fuck her step son again and again.

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Step Son Home On Military Leave - Mindi Mink

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