Painted Rose - Engorged Milking For Mommy

Painted Rose – Engorged Milking For Mommy

You and Step-Mom are taking a vacation together because with the growing family – you need some special one on one time. We can do anything you want for fun but, Mommy needs to pump her breastmilk after such a long flight. I can’t seem to get my milk to let down with the pump and I am getting so engorged with milk that my boobs are really hurting! Just then you walk in and when I explain what’s happening, you offer to suckle to help out. After careful thought, what could be more natural then nurturing my sweet boy with warm sweet milk? I tell you to lean back on the sofa and I will straddle you to let gravity help the situation and because you’re a bit too big for Mommy’s lap! You start sucking and my nipples get hard and begin to tingle. You enjoy Mommys sweet milk and then I start moaning and accidentally have an orgasm from the nipple stimulation. Oooops – well thank you so much for helping me! A couple of days later, my big milk jugs are aching and so I climb over top of you and we begin to breast feed. When I feel your cock becoming erect under me, I slide you into my juicy, slippery Mommy fuck hole for a double milking session. I hope I wasn’t ovulating.

Painted Rose - Engorged Milking For Mommy

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