Step mom punishes disrespectful Xbox Loving Son - Garter Sex

Step mom punishes disrespectful Xbox Loving Son – Garter Sex

CUSTOM VIDEO SCRIPTED: u play my step mom, I am your 18 year old step son. You are sick of me disrespecting you so you decide to confront me once and for all. Have the camera set up on your bed in your bedroom. You start the video shouting saying “Are you kidding me? The state of this house! Right that is it!” You then storm into the room furious. Pretend I am sat on the bed playing on my xbox. You shout at me “Sam I want an explanation and it better be good!” You have a rant about telling me to clean the dishes and take out the trash but I haven’t done neither. I never do as im told. Pretend I ignore you so you walk over to the bed and pick up the remote and pretend to turn a tv off. I am angry and you tell me good I should pay attention when you are talking to me. You demand an explanation. I tell you I don’t have to do what you say you are not my mom. You tell me angrily I will do as you say while living in your house. I tell you its not your house its my dads. You shout at me and tell me that you will make me pay. Pretend I tell you to fuck off! You really get angry now. You tell me “That’s it!” and storm out of the room. Wait 10 seconds then storm back into the room holding a hammer. You tell me you are going to show me what disrespect gets me. Walk out of shot but stay in the room and pretend to smash my xbox. Walk back into shot looking evil telling me no more xbox anymore. I am angry but you tell me to stay where I am my punishment isn’t over. You tell me to take out my cock. You tell me that to make up for all the I’ve given you over the past months I am going to have to show you some affection every day. You tell me I have to fuck you every day until I start calling you mom and do as im told. If I refuse you smash up the rest of my . You then put the hammer down and strip naked. Climb onto the bed and pretend to lower yourself onto my cock. I want you to pretend to fuck me. While on top of me I only see your tits and face so the camera is looking up at you. Bounce up and down as if riding me. You give me dominant dirty talk. You make me call you mommy, tell me how much of a bad boy ive been and that I am now going to be a good little boy. I ask how long do we have to fuck for you tell me until I cum inside you that will prove you really love mommy. Ride me until I cum inside you. You tell me good boy. Lean forward towards the camera and tell me to kiss you. Kiss the camera. You climb off the bed and point to the door. Tell me to put my pants back on and to sort out the kitchen before my dad gets home from work.

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Step mom punishes disrespectful Xbox Loving Son - Garter Sex

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