Sloansmoans - Mommy Helps With Your Penis Problem

Sloansmoans – Mommy Helps With Your Penis Problem

You’re lying in bed and you’re having penis problems. Your balls are severely swollen because you have so much sperm in them. You also have a throbbing boner that pulses with each heart beat. You’re in an extreme amount of pain and you are so embarrassed about. All of a sudden, I walk in. I’m completely naked searching for my favorite soft, satin robe that I love so much and I see that you have it draped over your crotch. I’m sweet and loving and not angry at all that you have my robe, in fact, I ask if you enjoy the feeling of it touching your skin. But when you hesitate to reply I realize something is very wrong. You tell me that there’s something wrong with your penis and I can tell you’re embarrassed. I go into mommy mode and kiss you sweetly as I console you and tell you not to be embarrassed. Mommy’s here to help, no matter what the problem is. I gently remove the robe and see how hard you are. I can tell that your balls are filled with sperm and you’re tender to the touch. I continue to tell you not to be embarrassed and kiss you again. I then begin to express my concern. We have to do something about this. I tell you that masturbation or sex won’t work because you’re much too delicate. But mommy has a pleasurable remedy for you- a blowjob! I tell you that my warm, soft, mouth and lips will be the perfect thing to help you ejaculate. You become a bit nervous once again, saying how you might really enjoy mommy’s blowjob and prematurely ejaculate. I smile sweetly and tell you that’s a good thing. I tell you to relax and show off my naked body as well as talk dirty yet sensually and lovingly towards you. I talk about your penis, and your sperm, and swallowing for a while until I can tell you’re ready to explode. Mommy is ready to swallow your sperm. As you ejaculate I keep my mouth tightly around your penis for about 20 seconds and then swallow it all up. I open my mouth and rub my belly to show you that I’ve swallowed your sperm. Even though you ejaculated so much, I know there’s plenty more left so get ready for mommy to give you multiple blowjobs tonight… enjoy me, xo

Sloansmoans - Mommy Helps With Your Penis Problem

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