Sloansmoans - Mommy Cheers You Up

Sloansmoans – Mommy Cheers You Up

Watch as you and your mom are about to head to the beach. I walk into the room and tell you that i’m looking for some beach items that i can’t find and ask if you’ve seen them. I talk about how fun it’ll be to have some mother/son quality time together, i think that’s exactly what you need… I know you’ve been depressed and down lately and all I want is to cheer you up. I’m gentle and loving as I talk to you and as I’m packing the beach bag I drop the sunscreen. I bend over to pick it up, giving you a nice voyeur view between my legs and ass. I can tell you’re still reluctant about going so I crouch down in front of you and tell you more about how much fun we’ll have togehter. Then I actidentally brush your dick that is hard in your shorts and it startles me. I take a step back and realize that you’re staring at my tits and I’m confused and a bit upset becuse you’re looking at me so innaproprately. But then I think for a minute… All I want is to make you happy. that’s what Mommy’s do. I tell you that I love you and want to take care of you and that I’ll do whatever it takes to cheer you up. I slowly take off my bikini top and see how you staring at my tits gets you even harder. I get down on my knees and pull your pants down and tell you that mommy knows exactly what you need. I begin to suck your cock as I look into your eyes. I’m kind and giving and talk to you about how much I love making you feel better. When I notice you’re about to cum I tell you to cum in mommy’s mouth. I drain your balls into my mouth and shoot so much cum that it over flows onto my tits. I rub it all over my big tits and ask if you like watching mommy rub your cum all over her juicy tits. You nod your head and smile.


Sloansmoans - Mommy Cheers You Up

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