Slimthick Vic - The Experiment

Slimthick Vic – The Experiment

Stepmommy (Slimthick Vic) finishes taking her shower but finds no bath towel, so she calls out to her stepson Billy (Jason Pierce) to fetch one for her. When he hands her the towel he gets to see mom’s nude body as she dries off. She chats with him about his girlfriend Ashley and then he watches her in the bedroom mirror as she gets dressed, the kid greatly turned on as he stares at her perfect butt. She asks a favor of him: “Tell your father I slept here last night. I don’t want him to make it a big deal that I was not here while he was out of town. You know, you’re with your girlfriend and I don’t want to be sleeping here all by myself. You know how he feels about you Step-Auntie Helen.” Billy agrees to do so, earning him a kiss on the cheek and mommy purring: “Oh, you’re so cute!”. As she leaves he reaches into the hamper on the bed and pulls out a pair of her pink panties, giving them a sniff. That night, mommy sneaks into his bedroom, wearing a slinky black see-through robe. She wakes Billy and asks him if he told his father she wasn’t home yesterday. “I wonder how he knows”, she notes. She confides in him: “I met this guy and he was going through a divorce with his wife. We talked and had drinks and he insisted I sleep in the guest bedroom rather than driving home. Your father’s been talking about getting a divorce, and I worry about losing you”. Billy insists he’s old enough now (18) to make his own decisions. She reacts: “You’re so good to me, you’re so sweet”, and kisses him on the cheek. Billy confides that he thinks Ashley is the girl for him. “How do you know she’s the one if you’ve only been with her?”, stepmom asks. “You know, it would be perfect if you had a woman that you could experience and explore, and I had a guy that I could give my affection to and talk, like we do, but with some lovemaking thrown in there. That would solve all our problems”, she asserts. Billy wonders: “I could never have sex with my stepmom -it would be so bizarre. Unless…what if we kissed? We already kissed, so what if we added some tongue in there, and we saw if there were any romantic feelings. Then we would know”. Mom responds: “So you’re saying if I kiss you, and I feel romantic feelings, then I’m not truly in love with your father?”. “And if I kiss you and have romantic feelings, then I shouldn’t be with Ashley, and I should look at other options”, Billy concludes. “It’s an experiment, for science”, he jokes. Mommy smiles and bats her eyelashes, and the unlikely couple kiss. Watch the taboo romance unfold…

Slimthick Vic - The Experiment

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