Sasha Curves - That One Aunt

Sasha Curves – That One Aunt

There’s a family wedding tomorrow and everyone’s staying at your house tonight, so when that one aunt turns up characteristically late, there’s nowhere left for her except your room. You’ve not seen her in about a year, but you could swear she’s flirting with you as she asks if it’s ok to share the bed. Sucking on a lollipop seductively, she explains that she has to rush out to the car to grab one last thing. While she’s gone, you can’t help but rummage through her stuff and steal away a nice pair of satin panties for later. She’s been turning you on with all the lolly licking, it’s only fair! When she gets back and can’t find her satin pyjama bottoms, you fear she’s on to you, but she just apologises that she’s going to have to wear just her panties and the two of you get off to bed. Later in the night, you’re dreamily awoken to a lollipop being teased into your mouth. It’s your aunt and she found the satin pyjamas under your pillow. But she’s not mad, she’s horny. She rubs the lollipop all over her wet pussy and teases you with the mess she’s made in her panties. She wants you to fuck her, and in return, she’ll not tell anyone your dirty little secret. Is this a dream, or are you really about to fuck your sexy nympho auntie?

Sasha Curves - That One Aunt

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