Rhea Sweet - Mother's Taboo Urges

Rhea Sweet – Mother’s Taboo Urges

I’m so happy that my son made time to hang out with me today. Glad that he’s not too old to hang out with me. C’mon, he can admit it. I’m a hot mom! My son may be grown now, but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost my touch. I’ve still got it. And look at my son. He’s all grown up now. Well, we should probably turn on the movie now. We sit watching the movie for a while, then my son acts embarrassed watching part of the movie. What, he used to love that when he was younger! Is he too old now? Well, now that I have his attention, there is something that I’ve been meaning to ask him for a while. Well, what does he know about… it? He starts acting shy. Hmm, and what does he know about it? I ask him if he’s ever thought about that with… me? It’s so natural that I’ve been curious to try it. No it’s not weird, it’s completely natural. Think about it… I made him. I should have the right to know how he performs. I’ve been more and more curious about what that cock looks like now. C’mon, it’s not like he hasn’t seen his mom’s naked body before. Isn’t he a little curious to see where he came from? Well I think we should try it. Just a little bit. Don’t worry, we can start off slow. See, doesn’t that feel nice to have Mommy rubbing on that cock? Mmm he’s already getting so hard. Mommy’s hand feels nice, doesn’t it? I know he wants to try. He pushes my hand away, but I can tell what he really wants. Besides, I’m his mother. It’s my right to know what he feels like. If anyone should know, it’s me. Now I tell him to take his pants off and let Mommy take care of him. I get between his legs and pull out his big cock. I know he’s been with plenty of partners now that he’s gotten older, but Mommy will be the one to decide if he knows what he’s doing. I put my son’s nice big cock in my mouth and get it nice and wet. I just knew he’d have a nice big cock. He obviously loves this. I make him admit it, that he is imaging Mommy’s wet pussy wrapped around his cock. I slurp up and down on my son’s cock and pull out my titties for him. To think, he used to see these titties all the time. But he’s never had his cock between them like I’m doing for him now. Mmm he can’t deny it anymore how much loves this naughty stuff. I don’t want to take it slow anymore. I want to feel my son’s cock stretch my pussy. I climb on top of him and push his fat cock inside of me. My pussy is soaking wet for my son. My son complete fills my pussy as it wraps around his hard cock. He feels so good inside of me. I knew I would do a good job with him. I knew he would be so good at pleasing women. I swap places with my son and bend over the couch, letting my son take me from behind. I want to feel his hard cock ramming into me from behind. He gives it to his mommy so good, just like I hoped he would. He fucks me hard from behind, burying his cock deep inside of me until I cum hard, drenching his cock in my juices. Completely naked now, I flip onto my back, riding my son’s hard cock, pushing it deep inside of me. He loves feeling Mommy’s cum juices all over his cock. My bad son. I tell him to cum for his mother, cum for Mommy! He shoots his massive load all over Mommy’s titties, dripping down my stomach all over his cock. I love the naughty feeling of my son’s cum all over my body. I rub it all over my titties and nipples, then rub my cum soaked hands all over his cock again. See, I knew he would like this. You know we’re going to have to do this again. Mom is just not going to be able to get enough of his cock.

Rhea Sweet - Mother's Taboo Urges

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