Rhea Sweet - Arrogant Son

Rhea Sweet – Arrogant Son

I’m just reading a fascinating book on my bed as my son comes up to me. He gets really close all of a sudden. I ask him what he’s doing. He doesn’t really say anything but instead climbs on top of me. He is right up in my face and starts grinding on me. Why is he doing this? As he’s rubbing on my body, I can’t help but get a little wet. I don’t mean to, but it feels surprisingly good. I ask him what he’s doing and tell him to get off of me, but he starts moving down between my legs. Is he trying to eat my pussy? I can’t believe it! My son pushes my legs back and puts his face between my legs. Despite my protests, he starts eating me out! I can’t believe my son is licking my pussy! I tell him not to, but he keeps going. Oh, I’m trying to not to give into it, but it feels so good. He comes out from between my legs and starts pulling my top down. Is he trying to pull my titties out of my top? I can’t believe my son would do this! What has gotten into him? He starts sucking on my nipples. He can’t seem to get enough of both of Mommy’s titties. He seems to want more of my pussy and goes back down to eating me out. I keep telling him to stop, but I am stopping close to cumming… No, he can’t make me cum! This is wrong! Still, I can’t help it. I cum on my son’s face. I can’t believe how good it feels! Ok are we done now? No, he climbs back on top of me and starts rubbing his hard cock on my wet pussy. No, we are NOT going to have sex! He cannot push his cock in me! Oh, he doesn’t listen. But my pussy is so wet … and his cock does feel so good. No, what am I saying! He keeps rubbing my wetness all over his cock and my pussy, then pushes his big cock inside of his mother. My son is actually fucking me! No, this is so wrong! He says he wants to make me cum again. Not a chance! His father is going to be home any minute! He can imagine what his father would do if he found my son on top of me like this! My son tells me that he listens to his father and me fucking. He actually records it! Why would he do that?! Then he tells me he does it so he can jerk off to it later! That is so wrong! He says he wants me to tell him that he is better than his father. That’s insane, I’m not going to tell him that! Oh but all this is still making me so wet and turned on. My son is actually going to make me cum again! I cum so hard on my son’s cock again. I can tell he’s starting to cum too. No, no son! He cannot cum in me! I’m not on birth control! I push him out just in time before he shoots his load inside of me. Instead, he cums all over my soaking wet pussy, mixing our juices together in the naughtiest way. Wow. Now that this is over, I can’t deny that my son was right. He really is better than his father.

Rhea Sweet - Arrogant Son

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