Primal's Taboo Sex - Cherie Deville - The Talk

Primal’s Taboo Sex – Cherie Deville – The Talk

Cherie Deville – The Talk Part ONE
Your mom has been noticing that your going through changes. She has always been there anytime you need her and now is no different. She comes to your room one night to give you “The Talk”. Seeing that you are a little nervous and uncomfortable your mom goes farther than just telling you things, she shows you.

Cherie Deville – The Talk Part TWO
Ever since the night your mom came to your room you can’t stop thinking about it. She told you you can’t have her EVERY time you want her since you have to learn some control, so you have fantasiezed about her a few times a day, but she is right there in her bedroom so you go in. At first mom seems a little annoyed, but, she wants you to be happy, and it looks like you are learning really well because your mom has really been starting to enjoy taking care of you, and maybe she is going to be up for it more than just twice a day now?

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Primal's Taboo Sex - Cherie Deville - The Talk

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